BTAM Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our Social Responsibility represents an important role in the Company’s priorities to reflect the values of our commitment to the society.

In recognition of our commitment, BTAM focusses on the following social responsibility (CSR) aspects:

Our responsibility Towards Community

BTAM is a subsidiary of the Saudi Bin Laden Group, and the following are some examples of these contributions as part of the Group’s Social Responsibility (CSR) that has been provided through the Group’s “AlMuallem Muhammad Bin Laden Center for Science and Education”:
  • AlMuallem Mohamed BinLadin Chair for Rehabilitating and Strengthening structures in King Saud University
  • AlMuallem Mohamed BinLadin Chair for Operation and Maintenance Technologies in Taibah University
  • AlMuallem Mohamed BinLadin Chair for Quality and Productivity in the Field of Construction in University of Hail
  • Chair of the General Presidency for Research on the Holy Mosques in Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University
  • AlMuallem Mohammed bin Laden Chair in the field of Civil Engineering in American University of Sharjah
  • Chair of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Moon Observations and Research in King Abdulaziz University

Our responsibility towards government departments

The company’s management is making great efforts in cooperating with government agencies such as the Ministry of Labor, Saudi Council of Engineers, the Ministry of Interior, Passports and Municipalities Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to facilitate the company’s procedures, such as issuing licenses for branches, trademarks and commercial registrations, as well as cooperating with the General Organization for Social Insurance, and signing agreements with the Human Resources Development Fund to employ Saudi. In the company to take advantage of their capabilities in the company.

Our responsibility towards our employees

BT Advanced Operation & Maintenance (BTAM) is completely committed towards its employees by offering them a package of services for uplifting their professional levels. The following are the most important services:

  • Accommodation

The Company provides fully furnished accommodation units, shuttle buses.

  • Social Insurance

The Company covers all risks incurred by extending a full insurance to its employees within the frameworks and guidelines of the General Establishment of Social Insurance (GOSI).

  • Medical Insurance

The Company offers medical insurance package to all employees and their dependents in a way conforming with rules of the Health Insurance Board in KSA. The coverage is maintained by contracting a well-known medical insurance provider.

  • Air Tickets and Reservations

The Company extends air tickets to employees as per contractual terms. The number of tickets depends on position, year of experience and marital status. In addition, the Company signed an agreement with some travel agencies to arrange reservations for annual vacations, business trip and other occasions found imperative by Company management.

  • Assignment of employees

The company assigns its employees internally or externally, whether for a work or training assignment inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the assignment allowance is paid according to the approved job ladder.

  • Annual incentives

The company determines the amounts of incentives for the employees and the method of distribution annually by the Board of Directors and senior management so that all employees who meet the conditions in terms of performance evaluation and the duration of work in the company are nominated.

  • Safety and Security

Provide in-house safety and security procedures like goggles, gloves, first aides, fire extinguishers and security officers from specialized providers. Offer a friendly word environment, accommodation, proper modes of transportation, office supplies, insurance, printers, scanners, internet access, intranet services, laptops, cell phones, land line phones …etc.