Access Control System

Access Control technology can either be provided as a stand alone system or as a part of fully integrated security systems.

Technologies of access control can be as simple (though none the less effective) as a swipe badge, key pad or proxy, through to advanced biometrics such as retinal scans, fingerprint and voice recognition.

Highly sensitive areas can be restricted across a range of parameters i.e. timed access only or authorised personnel or a combination.

Access Control data via a PC platform can act as a very powerful management tool, with many organisations using the technology to augment their time management & health and safety policies.

Tracking ‘access permissions’ via an audit trail is of obvious benefit in a number of market sectors.

CCTV Systems

World events have changed, creating a need for more sophisticated surveillance systems and an increase in public demand for safer environments. In the past decade the use of CCTV has grown to unprecedented levels and developments in technology have greatly increased its popularity. As technology has evolved, CCTV is now used not only for security, but also as a management tool assisting health and safety, productivity and personnel management.

This has led to the advance of network video or IP surveillance. Digitally recorded images provide far greater quality and effectiveness. Specific footage can be recalled at the touch of a button and systems can be integrated with local and wide area networks so images can be viewed from one or more personal computers.

CCTV is a truly powerful and intelligent visual management tool, automatically alerting the CCTV operator to events as they unfold so they can take immediate action to prevent an incident from escalating. Intelligent video analysis software can even be used for facial recognition, automatic number plate recognition, intruder detection, slip and fall detection, people and vehicle counting, suspicious behavior analysis and tracking, theft detection and abandoned object detection.

Integrated Security Systems

Integrated Security Systems offers clients a cost effective total fire and security management solution from one provider – BTAM.

The solutions use interface advanced technology incorporating staff protection, electronic access control, CCTV surveillance, guarding, intruder and fire alarm supported by offsite remote monitoring.

The range can service both basic and complex levels of integration, with each solution tailored to meet client specific needs.

Migration to either incorporate or develop existing security provision is managed from planning through to delivery with either none or minimized downtime.

The integrated systems ensure rapid detection to trigger the appropriate response possibly to emergency services or key holders, which assists to improve recovery times and operational efficiency.

In addition to the cost benefits, integrated solutions provide a safer working environment for all types of businesses, ranging from schools and local government to major retail and commercial organizations throughout the Kingdom.

Visitation Systems

BTAM provide systems for controlling, monitoring and authorizing visitors in any company. It allows visitor photograph capturing, online visitee list, communication between security and employees, visitor authentication by the visitee, auto forwarding of authorization request in absence of visitee, auto-login facility for the users, gate pass printing with and without barcode and visitors photograph, current visitors list, out-time posting, visitor history etc.

Basic Features:

  • Record entry, exit of Visitors, Contract workers*, Vehicles* and Material*
  • Authorise all entries
  • Pop-ups (alerts) on client PCs, SMS* on mobile for electronic authorisation
  • Allow, Forward or Reject a request
  • Pass formats : Use from the database or design your own
  • Detailed onscreen and back-office MIS
  • One day and long-duration, multi-entry passes
  • Custom data entry forms (fields and labels)
  • Informative control centres – current visitors, visit history, waiting for authorisation, online users
  • Data Import: Users, departments, contract workers
  • Archive or Purge historic data
  • Intuitive and simple user interface for security users
  • Chat module between security and staff
  • User and Role definition

Under Car Surveillance System

BTAM maintains some of the most sophisticated Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems on the market providing video surveillance system specially designed for security professionals to scrutinize the undercarriage of all vehicles. The system equips fast and effective means for the security officers to examine moving vehicles without causing any great disturbance or delay to the traffic flow.

An under-vehicle surveillance system generally consists of still or video cameras mounted within a ramp and used at facility access points, particularly at secure facilities. An under-vehicle inspection system is used to detect threats that are hidden underneath vehicles. Cameras capture images of the undercarriage of the vehicle for manual or automated visual inspection by security personnel or systems

Intruder Detection Systems

BTAM intruder alarm systems benefit major clients across Saudi Arabia and our clients can relax in the knowledge that their premises are being protected from unlawful entry by the best technology available today.

Intruder alarm systems range from high security, medium to low security systems that cover internal and external applications and cater for all sectors of business.

External perimeter microwave intrusion detection systems, which is a microwave radar sensor designed to monitor its protected zone for movement and continuously “learn” and adjust to changing weather and terrain conditions without adjusting the unit. The alarm activates sounds if a person moves within the protected zone and also can be linked to a communications room for onsite or offsite monitoring.

BTAM are highly experienced in the provision of national, multi-site intruder maintenance contracts, enabled by our national network of fully qualified engineers. With service support available 24/7, 365 days a year, it means we are always for you.

Security Scanning Systems

BTAM can deliver to your specification, the required scanning security solution to meet your needs. Installing the highest quality security scanning products on the market, from the basic hand held units detecting metal and explosives to the full blown X-ray machines and walkthrough systems, with the knowledge that we are there providing you with the ongoing maintenance and support.

X Ray Machines, Airport X-Ray Scanners, Explosive Scanners

Road Blockers and Car Barriers

BTAM can supply, install and maintain a wide range of Security Road Blockers and barriers that provides the ultimate in perimeter protection providing reliable security where unauthorized vehicles need to be stopped. Supply effective traffic control management interfaced with Access System.

Ideal for maximum security sites such as Government installations, Royal palaces, Military bases, Police stations, Embassies, Airports.

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