IPTV Systems

IPTV (Internet Protocol television) systems. IPTV is a flexible and scalable way to distribute live TV, satellite and other video streams around a building with an existing data network. Applicable to almost any building, including offices, hotels, sports centres and schools/colleges, IPTV offers many advantages over traditional coaxial networks, including:

  • Immediate access to live TV from any PC on the network.
  • TV’s may be simply plugged in to any data point.
  • No need for coaxial cabling.
  • Excellent system scalability to almost any number of video sources and users
  • Integration of satellite, off air terrestrial and internal video streams into one integrated service.
  • The provision of centralised TV services such as on-demand video, customisable EPG (electronic program guide) and digital signage.

IP Telephony Systems

IP Telephone uses communication protocols and transmission techniques for the transfer of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. Other descriptions often used with VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB), broadband telephony, and broadband phone.

BTAM offers total solutions using this technology for all sectors of business and currently maintain a number of prestigious clients from airports, government buildings, and commercial sector to Royal Palaces.

Structured Cabling System

BTAM provides the expertise you need for complete premise wiring and structured network cabling design, installation and testing, and more.

Now you count on a single source to help ensure your physical layer infrastructure supports your network and ultimately, your business goals.

First, we understand your network requirements and develop a plan including recommendations for wiring, cable type and performance.

Next, following TIA standards, code requirements and fire regulations, we complete the installation using our own engineers.

Finally, we provide cable management, testing, documentation and warranty to complete the solution.

Structured Network Cabling Services include:

  • Structured network cabling for voice, data, video
  • Services for both existing site renovation and new construction
  • Planning and design for physical layer including consulting, project management and cabling standards development
  • Telecommunications room and data center design and build-out
  • Wall mount and freestanding cabinets and racks, cable tray and raceways, patch cords, patch panels, and termination blocks
  • TIA 568B installation
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Certification and qualitative testing
  • Moves, adds and changes Standards:
    • TIA 568B, TIA 569, TIA 570, and TIA 606.

Data Network Systems

Our knowledgeable staff and Cisco certified Engineers will work with you to design data networks to meet your business needs. We offer solutions in copper networks, fiber networks, wireless networks or a combination tailored to your business. Our partnerships Cisco Networks enables us to provide you with “Best in Class” LAN, WAN, and Security products so that your data network runs with the optimum security, speed and efficiency.
Local area networks (LANs) provide connectivity to the user’s desktop.  Cisco products provide LAN, VLAN, backbone, copper and fiber connectivity.  We provide switches capable of supporting 10 Mbps, 100Mbps, Gigabit/1000 Mbps, and 10 Gigabit transmissions across your network.

Wide area networks (WANs) provide connectivity between locations in your campus, across town or between cities. Btam partnership with CISCO Systems provide a WAN infrastructure by enabling VPNs for site-to-site and remote access connections and accelerating applications over existing WAN links and newer IP services connections.

By Using CISCO ASA  security products provide extra protection for your most valuable asset, your business information. Securing and protecting your network is critical to prevent unwanted attacks from internal and external sources.

Storage Systems

BTAM is a market leader in  SAN storage systems the systems we provide contain anywhere from 14 to 60 drives in a very small footprint. Our SAN  disk arrays can be increased in capacity, up to 360TB, with an additional expansion unit holding up to 60 drives in 4U. Efficiency, reliability and ease-of-use are enhanced by unique features including Active Drawer Technology™, Anti-vibration Design™, and Cool Drive Technology™. All SAN Storage Systems can be configured with dual active/active controllers with battery-backed cache for high throughput and no-single-point-of-failure architecture through the Fibre Channel SAN and/or iSCSI SAN host access ports for block storage services, or via LAN for file services.

Master Clock System

BTAM is a leading source of highly precise time references for synchronizing computers and computer network infrastructure. We also provide a wide range of advanced digital and analog time displays, synchronized by utilizing Network Time Protocol over Ethernet networks. Our GPS and LF radio based time references and network time servers can precisely synchronize time on anything from a single PC to a network of thousands of workstations and servers.

Varied Applications.

Our systems provide precise time to applications as varied as time and attendance, access control, CCTV, DVR, transaction processing and data logging. They are used in industries as varied as banking, security, airport systems.

Reliable Solutions with First Class Support.

Additionally, BTAM is committed to providing services that are both efficient and second to none.

Wireless LAN

BTAM is a  leading wireless network implementation specialists. Our wireless network services and solutions portfolio contains the industries latest technologies and solutions.

We have developed our own unique four step system to ensuring a wireless network out performs your every expectation:  Any customer that follows our four step system receives our 100% coverage guarantee.

Survey – Implement – Survey Post Implementation


The inital WiFi survey is the most important part to get right when designing a wireless network.  If you do not perform an actual on-site physical RF survey then the wireless network can only be a best effort guess for coverage and capacity. We use the latest industry tools and techniques to map out the RF coverage and capacity of your intended area and provide you with detailed documentation on all aspects of the survey.

  • Coverage – Is coverage provided where it is needed
  • Capacity – Is there enough capacity to handle the amount of users
  • Security – Does the design allow for flexible security policies
  • Is the design clever enough to be fully redundant

The network design will have to take into account your existing network, existing network policy and future networks demands. The wireless network that we design for your will be scalable for the future and provide you will the security that meets your business needs.


Our experienced wireless network installers will work with you to install your wireless network with little or no disruption to your business. We always aim to have no network down time or to slow company productivity whilst installing. We can perform on on the job training for wireless network users and dedicated training for network engineers, empowering them to reliably manage your wireless network when we have completed our work.

Survey – Post Installation

Upon completion of the implementation phase we will perform a final wireless site survey so that we can check that the initial network design and your requirements have been achieved. Performing a wireless site survey at the end is something that is never thought about until problems arise weeks or months after completion. A post installation survey is the only way to prove that we have provided the coverage and capacity we originally designed for.

Uninterruptible power supply systems

UPS is typically used to protect computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption can cause serious business disruption or data loss. BTAM maintains UPS units range in size from units designed to protect a single computer to large units powering entire data centers or buildings.

There are several “equipment” categories that need to be considered as part of an overall standby power strategy.

  • ‘Critical’ systems which require both UPS and generator standby power.
  • ‘Sensitive’ systems which require UPS standby power.
  • ‘Essential’ systems which require generator standby power.
  • ‘Other’ systems which may not require any standby power.

BTAM unrivalled expertise is its ability to help you produce a plan which considers all the necessary requirements of your business and then aid you in the creation and delivery of a standby power strategy to match both your current and future needs and then maintain the system to that specification.

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