Project Description

The Client

The Hajj Terminal Complex is a unique facility as it is covered by a tented structured of steel pylons and a Teflon coated Fiberglass roof providing a total shaded area of 462,000 square meters. Hajj Terminal is currently serviced by Apron Six which can accommodate 35 aircraft at one time. Hajj Terminal has the annual traffic of more than four (4) million passengers.

When HTC contracted out its Low Current maintenance services to BTAM, it needed a provider who could deliver to the most state-of-the-art and international standards and meet the required high performance levels to satisfy it regular operations that carried out by HTC domestic and international aviation services.

What service does BTAM provide to the Hajj Terminal?

At the Hajj terminal BTAM provides 24/7 cover 365 days, with multiple teams of highly trained technicians and engineers, Covering all low current systems from CCTV, Fire, Access to Airport Management Systems to name a few. Our systems engineers and designers can and do provide solutions in line with the customers’ needs by using traditional methods or by thinking outside the box, whether it’s providing a core room UPS solution or dealing with cables damaged by rodents, BTAM’s engineering team deal with all situations quickly and professionally.

How long has BTAM worked with the client?

BTAM has worked very closely with Both the airport authority and PPMDC for the past 5 years, In this time we have numerous letters of appreciation complementing BTAM on its Hard work and professionalism, we continue to build on the already strong relationship with our partners at the Hajj Terminal.

What is the scope of O & M services?

BTAM is both reactive and proactive when it comes to the O & M, customers faults are always given top priority when it comes to the service we provide. The Hajj terminal deals with only pilgrims either going to or coming from Mecca, so during each season the Hajj terminal handles nearly 5 million passengers, so if a fault is reported on any system, it is always dealt with the utmost speed and cares to ensure no downtime to the airport or disruption to the passengers.

BTAM also has a rigorous preventative maintenance policy and along with our quality audit department checks are made to ensure service levels are maintained and the company quality policy is followed. Depending on the systems, maintenance is scheduled weekly, monthly, and bi yearly and yearly, as well in between seasons BTAM performs a deep clean and checks for all systems.

What difference has BTAM Made to the customer?

BTAM management of the low current systems, has been second to none, therefore releases the customer from this necessity, allowing senior managers from the airport authority and PPMDC to focus on the both the passengers and the airline’s needs, safe in the knowledge that BTAM will always be there to provide the technical support and knowledge to back them up 24/7.

How is BTAM helping this client with its future plans?

BTAM is at the very heart of the decision making process at the Hajj Terminal, providing feasibility studies , technical briefs and competitively priced costing for whatever the customer’s needs, BTAM is constantly looking towards the future, and will never hesitate to use leading edge technology to ensure future proofing of our customers systems.