Saudi Arabia has the biggest construction market in the Middle East and one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Saudi Arabian Building and infrastructure will require Facilities Management Companies to service this sector which are short in supply.

Business Development Manager, said “The formation of a new Alliance will help BTAM strengthen and consolidate our Operation & Maintenance with an international leading facility Management Company and will position us for future growth and challenges to meet the facilities market needs”. The success of a working partnership is absolutely vital to BTAM in continuing to offer a cost effective service solutions to our existing and new customers, whilst offering real value and international experience. The alliance will represent a significant focus on commitment to working together with openness, honesty and engagement. Our proposed chosen partners within the Facilities Alliance instinctively recognize that every aspect within our business contributes to our customers’ experience. The proposed partners proved, through an incredibly robust and rigorous tender process, that they could create solutions that would meet our requirements in a consolidated, cost-effective way. More than anything, their focus on the welfare and development of their people stood out in parallel with our own vision and values.

The main priority for the Facilities Alliance now is to ensure a smooth and welcoming transition and transformation to services with minimal impact on business. The Alliance will work with everyone necessary within BTAM throughout this process to ensure any change is communicated effectively.

The Alliance will also work to achieve further evolutionary development of our services through 2012 and beyond. By doing this we look forward to delivering great results and even greater service to all our stakeholders and customers through this partnership and we will announce the partners name in due course.